Entry #1

Up and coming projects!

2015-09-23 02:14:14 by Spider-VS

So what can you get ready to look forward to regarding little ol me?


1. An animation of one of the scenes I did for my voice reel is in the works and should be done soon!

 Trying to get work as a voice actor, especially when you're new and haven't made a name for yourself yet is pretty damn hard, thankfully, because I can also animate on my own, I can give myself roles to participate in along with looking for work from others, hell maybe someone will see one of my animations one day and want to collab

2. I already landed a role in someones animation!

Yep, thats right, about a day after I uploaded my voice reel I was contacted by someone to do a part for them!

I'm super pumped because I love voice acting, and I got a chance to do that for a little bit.

I cant say much right now, but when things are said and done anyone paying attention to my page WILL know


3. A much bigger animation script is being written, and when it is finished I WILL need at least 3-4 voice actors for the parts, details to come later!


Thanks for checking out my page!


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